Car Window Replacement

You can’t afford to have your car with broken or missing windows. This why Troy’s Glass provides quick and affordable car window replacement, so you can get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

Troy’s Glass can fix the windows on your car!

At Troy’s Glass, we’ve seen all types of broken car windows including from fallen branches, a ball at a ball field, a rock, or vandalism. No matter how your car window broke, Troy’s Glass should be your first call.

When you’re missing a window on your car, it is not only uncomfortable, but potentially dangerous. The experts at Troy’s Glass can provide auto glass services that aren’t expensive and high quality work that will keep your vehicle safe and secure. We use high quality tempered glass to insulate your vehicle better, and resist cracks and breaks.

Tulare CA Car Window Replacement

Side & Rear Windows

Side windows are integral to the safety and performance of your vehicle. A broken or missing side window can cause a lot of road noise while you are driving, but also makes riding in your vehicle extremely uncomfortable as you are exposed to the outside temperatures.

Missing a side or rear window can also mean that the security of your vehicle is compromised. While that cardboard or plastic bag might do an okay job of keeping the air out temporarily, it won’t stop thieves or vandals from taking things out of your vehicle. This should be reason enough to consider fixing your car windows right away.

Sunroof & Moon Roof

When the sunroof or moon roof on your vehicle is damaged or broken, it can be difficult to find an auto glass specialist that can repair or replace it. Troy’s Glass has the knowledge and expertise for your sunroof repair. We’ve worked on thousands of vehicles and hundreds of different models and shapes of sunroofs. When it comes to sunroof repair, we have it in the bag.

Auto Glass Repair Service

Troy’s Glass is happy to help you with your car window repair and replacement needs! We work with all major insurance and are available 24/7 to help you with auto glass repair.

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