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Troy’s Glass offers affordable door glass replacement for the doors in your home. Patio doors, sliding glass doors, and door glass replacement for specialty doors like French doors and plate glass. If you need high quality door glass replacement that won’t break the bank, call Troy’s Glass!

Types of Doors

We offer affordable home door glass replacement!

Door Replacement Service

The doors on your home are one of the most-used parts of your home, and are subject to just as much wear and tear as your roof, siding, or windows. For this reason, it’s always important to make sure your home doors are in good condition to keep your home safe and secure.

At Troy’s Glass, we can replace your sliding glass or patio door at a cost that won’t make your head spin. We can provide you with a FREE estimate on your home door replacement, including the seals and frame. If the glass on your door is damaged, than you may consider a door glass replacement.

Tulare CA Glass Door Service

Replacement Door Glass

Troy’s Glass is the premiere glass replacement company in Tulare for sliding glass doors, patio doors, and specialty glass for custom or unique entry doors. If it has glass, call Troy’s Glass!

Damaged glass in a door can be extremely inconvenient. Our glass replacement service can provide brand new panes for sliding glass doors and patio doors with large, open window panes. We also can inspect and replace glass in entry doors that have custom glass shapes. Our 24/7 emergency service ensures that you will never go longer than you have to waiting for your door glass replacement.

Energy Efficient Doors

Technology has come a long way when it comes to energy efficiency of home windows and doors, particularly for sliding glass and patio doors. The rails and frames are more energy-efficient than ever, but modern glass panes also insulate much better than ever before.

If you home is older than 15 years, chances are your doors are outdated and you’re paying more for energy costs than you should be. Replacing the glass in your windows and doors is one of the smartest energy efficiency decisions you can make for your home, as most of the energy spent heating and cooling your home is lost through the glass panes and seals of your windows and doors. Speaking of seals, if you have any issues with your frames and seals, and you think you could have a pest problem, just contact Pest Control Pros.


Troy’s Glass is the smart call when you’re in need of a home door glass replacement. Stop by our complete glass replacement center or give us a call today!