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Types of Windows

Picture Window Installation

What is a picture window? It’s just what it says it is. A picture window provides a picture of the outdoor world with minimal obstruction from the frame. These windows are usually very large, without frames that obstruct the middle of the view, and without any sashes that open or close. A picture window is ideal to provide extremely bright and beautiful views to any room.

Picture window installation is typical in rooms that need a lot of natural light and ventilation is not an issue. In commercial buildings, many storefronts have large picture windows and many conference rooms and offices have large open windows as well. In homes, picture windows are ideal for creating a beautiful aesthetic in living spaces:

  • Commercial Storefronts
  • Dining Rooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Conference Rooms

At Troy’s Glass, we offer the highest quality picture window replacement and installation in all of Tulare County. We recommend replacing picture windows that are older, as newer frames and improved technology has made modern picture windows much more energy efficient and affordable. The panes in old picture windows can get cloudy or foggy, obscuring an otherwise beautiful view. In this case, Troy’s Glass can help with a picture window pane replacement.

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