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Tulare CA French Doors

French doors are beautiful doors that open inwards and match the style and aesthetic of the home that they are installed in. These types of doors come in many different colors and styles, making it easy to match them with your home.

A lot of times, French doors have a pane of glass (or many panes of glass) that comprise the main part of the door. If one or more of these panes break, it can be difficult to find a glass specialist that can repair and replace the glass in your French door without replacing the entire door. At Troy’s Glass, we specialize in glass replacement, so we make this process easy and affordable. A certified glass technician can come to your home and perform an inspection and provide a free estimate on your glass replacement or door replacement.

A French door is perfect for kitchens or dining rooms that lead out into the back yard, as they provide a lot of light into the home while creating a pleasing aesthetic for the room. French doors are popular in homes with older architecture or a more classic look to them. Many commercial storefronts use French doors to keep the aesthetic appeal of the building as well.

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