Double Hung Window Replacement

If you are looking for high quality, versatile, and affordable windows, then Double Hung windows are the choice for you. Perfect for any room and energy-efficient!

Types of Windows

Double Hung Window Installation

No doubt that you’ve seen double hung windows in homes and offices all over Visalia or Tulare. There is a reason that the most common type of window installation in homes across the country is the double hung window installation. This is because these windows are very versatile in how they open, don’t need a lot of space to open, and provide great viewing to the outdoor world.

Double hung windows consist of two panes that slide up and down on the window frame so that the window can open on either the top or bottom. This lets you create ventilation through two different parts of the window (or both at the same time) while maintaining an energy-efficient seal between the sashes with a locking mechanism. Double hung windows work best in the following rooms:

  • Offices
  • Bedrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Family Rooms

Double hung window replacement is a good idea, especially if your windows are old and outdated. In the past, double hung windows aren’t necessarily the most energy-efficient. Newer, modern double hung windows are much more energy efficient, and can save you on monthly heating and cooling bills.

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