Custom Window Replacement

Any home can benefit from the style and elegance of a custom window installation. Call Troy’s Glass for a free estimate on your custom window installation for your home or commercial property.

Types of Windows

Custom Window Installation

Nothing turns heads like custom windows. Technically, every home or commercial window project is custom. But when we talk about custom windows, we are talking about any window pane, frame, or window shape that isn’t standard. At Troy’s Glass, we specialize in crafting custom panes of glass in all shapes and styles for not only custom windows, but custom home glass projects and business glass.

Custom windows are meant to create something different that you don’t see somewhere else. Many business storefronts have custom windows to create a unique look and feel for the business. In addition, many high-end homes utilize custom windows to seamlessly blend the window style with the architecture and feel of a home:

  • High-End Homes
  • Unique Architecture
  • Business Storefronts
  • Commercial Properties

Stock windows aren’t always the best fit for your home or commercial property. This is why the glass professionals at Troy’s Glass can evaluate your situation and recommend the best course of action when it comes to custom window replacement or new window installation. Not every job is the same, and we know that, which is why we extend the same quality and professionalism to our custom window service that we do all of our glass services.

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