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Troy’s Glass is the top glass company when it comes to replacing, installing, or repairing sliding glass doors in your home. Stylish and modern, you can’t go wrong with a new sliding glass door!

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Tulare CA Patio Door Installation

Troy’s Glass offers professional installation on all patio doors and sliding glass doors. With our customer satisfaction guarantee and friendly service, you know you’ll get only the best door replacement service in Tulare.

If you are considering a home door replacement, here are a few things you should consider:

  • How old is the existing door?
  • Is your current door energy efficient?
  • Is the door seal, frame, or weather stripping damaged?
  • Does the door match the style of your home?

These are all important factors to consider when looking at the sliding glass doors in your home. New sliding glass doors are energy efficient and affordable. The doors can be made up of a single pane or multiple panes for extra insulation. At Troy’s Glass we use only the highest quality glass for all sliding glass door and patio door installations. In addition, we use premium weather stripping and door frames to ensure that you get only the best door replacement in Tulare.

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