Car Window Tinting

Troy’s Glass is the best choice for car window tinting in Tulare. Our factory trained technicians will install your window tint to only the highest quality specifications so you can make sure your car looks great inside and out.

Troy’s Glass can tint the windows on your car!

Window tinting is popular for many older vehicles and auto windows. Many new vehicles come with windows that are already tinted to some degree. The advantages to window tinting are clear:

  • Reduce Heat Inside the Vehicle
  • Protection from UV Rays
  • Enhanced Style
  • Privacy
  • Scratch Resistant

One of the main advantages to tinting your car windows is to reduce the amount of heat that enters your vehicle. As your vehicle sits under the sun, the light through the glass is magnified and can make your car extremely uncomfortable to enter if it has been sitting for an hour or more in direct sunlight.

Tulare CA Car Window Tinting

Sunlight also is harmful to the dash and panels of your car. The UV rays and direct light break down the materials that compose the interior of your car, causing it to dry out, crack, and discoloration. Tinted windows help block harmful UV rays from damaging both the interior of your vehicle, and the occupants inside.

Window tinting also helps provide more privacy for your vehicle, darkening the exterior windows and making it harder to see valuable objects inside the vehicle to those passing by. Most automobile break-ins are caused by valuables being left in plain sight, and window tinting can minimize this risk.

When considering window tint on your car, it’s important to decide on what level of tint you are looking for. Troy’s Glass technicians will install window tinting and film that is long-lasting, and won’t bubble, crack, or peel over time. Our window tinting service is affordable, and of the highest quality you will find in Tulare.

Call Troy’s Glass for car window tinting services in Tulare County. We look forward to hearing from you.

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